Fort Smith, AR Attorney Michael LaFreniere

Divorce Lawyer | Civil Litigation

While no one wants to be in the position of needing an attorney, it’s important that if you need legal services, you’re represented by a Fort Smith, Arkansas lawyer who will work hard for you, is effective at finding solutions, and offers affordable rates.

Michael is that kind of attorney.

To Michael, nothing is more important than providing his clients with the best legal representation available.

“I can promise you that your case will get the attention to detail that it deserves. Your phone calls will not go unanswered or unreturned. I will be with you every step of the way, and you will¬† be involved in the process from the start of the representation to the end. It is my ultimate goal to provide the best possible outcome to my clients.” -Michael LaFreniere

If you’re looking for legal representation in Fort Smith or the surrounding area, give Michael a call. He’ll understand the position you’re in, advise you to make the best decisions for your case, and ultimately, help you overcome the legal challenges you’re facing.

Contact him today for a free, no-obligation legal consultation.